Bridal Hair & Makeup

$750 (2 Hours)

Let’s dream up your ideal bridal look together!  I believe in enhancing your natural beauty rather than transforming you. This is not the day for a makeover – we want your partner to recognize you walking towards them after all!  If you have a bridal party, family, or friends who want to look and feel their best, let’s invite them along for styling.  All services are “on-site”.

Bridal Hair

$375 (1 Hour)

Upstyled, Down with curls, or anything we can imagine in between. I will make sure your style lasts through any Tahoe wedding activities whether you’re hiking, boating, or a-top a mountain! If you need to add length or volume, bring your clip-in extensions and we’ll incorporate them into the look.

Bridal Makeup

$375 (1 Hour)

Using professional, top-quality makeup and skin care, we will come up with your perfect Bridal look, no matter how natural or glam you want to be. I always strive for skin that still looks like skin, and an “overall natural yet special” aesthetic. Extras such as airbrushing or lashes (Stip, Clusters, Individuals) are included.

Additional Services

$165 (45 minutes)

Hair and/or Makeup services for your bridal party, friends or family members will receive the same perks as the bride, including lashes or airbrush makeup.

Touch-Up Time

Perhaps you need additional time for photos before adding in your veil, or are planning a second look after your ceremony for the reception.  Feel reassured your look will remain perfect and ready for the next adventure.  I will work with you to maximize timing for the day’s scheduling needs. One Hour Minimum.

15 Minutes


30 Minutes


45 Minutes


60 Minutes


Bridal Hair & Makeup Preview

$600 (2.5 Hours)

If you are unsure of how to style your hair, or not used to wearing makeup, or just want to see the look come together, scheduling a Preview session is the perfect way to try out looks and make the necessary tweaks prior to the wedding day. Often-times during this appointment, you may find parts of looks you don’t like, which is just as helpful as finding what you love. This appointment is an excellent way for me to get to know you and your styling preferences.  This session is recommended to be scheduled within 3 months of the wedding day.

Special Occasion Styling

$600 (1.5 Hours)

If you have a special event, or are having photos taken, let’s work together to perfect your look.  This can be for any occasion, such as a party, family portraits, engagement shoots, etc. so you can show up confident and ready for anything.

Makeup Lessons

$220 (1 Hour Minimum)

Lessons can be either in person or via FaceTime, Zoom, etc. This session will be catered to Your specific needs. Time can be used for learning techniques for applying foundations, contouring, applying shadows to the eye, etc. or helping to fill in your makeup bag where you need. This is a safe space and time to ask me anything about your makeup wishes. I will also make product suggestions where needed.

*In person shopping trips can also be scheduled.


Whether shooting on-set, using a green-screen, or on-location, my set bag will be ready for hair and makeup styling.

Half Day

(Up to 4 Hours)


Full Day

(4-10 Hours)



(10+ Hours)

$220 per Hour

*Open to negotiating per specific shoot details, per project.

Whether shooting on-set, using a green-screen, or on-location, my set bag will be ready for hair and makeup styling.